Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Werxshop 001: DIY Succulent Gardens by Kermodi

Handy design principles and a few trade secrets (shh...) were revealed at Kermodi's first DIY class held recently in Vancouver. Kermodi Living Art was honoured to kick off the Homewerx Werxshop series with Werxshop 001: DIY Succulent Gardens.

The DIY class was held on a sunny, spring Saturday at Homewerx modern lifestyle store on Davie Street. It
was devoted to the care and unique personalities of succulents ~ plants that store water in their leaves and roots. We played with many varieties of cacti, aloe and eccheveria, to name a few. Fresh, animated and very zen, succulent gardens from soft sage to vivid greens were composed by our keen plant artistes. Thanks to all those who got down and dirty!

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